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  • Welcome to The Anvil Wiki! Here, you can find all of our informational resources - written and compiled by our talented team and featured contributors. Ideally, we want this to be a repository of knowledge for everything on Halo Forge, Custom Games & Modding. We'll be continuously updating and adding content, with new guides trickling in every week. If you want to get involved with being a Wiki contributor for The Anvil - feel free to message Berb

    Archiving and preserving knwoledge within our community is very important to us. Unfortunately, the majority of the old guides and articles written across the Halo community on old forums and blogs have been lost. While we can't bring that valuable content back, we can try to replicate it and ensure that the content on this survives. As such, we'll be looking to create some knd of Archive Project down the line.

    About The Wiki

    As mentioned above - The Anvil Wiki is our repository for all of our community's Forging and Modding knowledge. It's layed out very similar to other wiki sites you may be familiar with. We want our wiki to feel pretty robust, not like a tacked-on extra. That's why our team will be always looking at what custom code templates we can create to better present info and lay out our pages.


    Invasion Map Pack
    Invasion Map Pack

    Representing the efforts of a two-year project from 13 forgers working together to refine and distill the greatest competitive invasion maps Halo has ever seen.


    Wiki Categories

    The Wiki itself is divided up into main categories based on the content found within articles. These categories can be quite broad, but using our menus, widgets and search function it shouldn't be too difficuly to find something. The main catgeories are as follows:

    • Wiki Main - You're on it now!
    • Forge Titles - In-depth guides on the individual Forge toolsets across the Halo franchise, including tips & tricks.
    • Gametype Guides - Content pieces that cover specific gametypes from a multitude of contributors.
    • Map / Level Design - Articles discussing level design philosophy, practises and general tutorials.
    • Halo Modding - Useful guides exploring the various Halo mod tools and popular modded gametypes.
    • The Anvil - Projects from within our community.

    If you want to see a new page be added to the Wiki, make sure to head to the Suggestions Box and post what you think should be added as a poll. With enough support we can fast-track it to the site. With Halo Infinite's forge launch, we also want to start creating a lot of guides / tutorial content around the new forge tools & scripting options.

    Have any other questions? Message Berb

    About The Anvil

    What the first iteration of looked like. What the first iteration of looked like.
    The Anvil is a community dedicated to delivering and promoting the best custom Halo content around - including Forge Maps, Custom Games and Mods. Sprouting out of the old MCC Forger's Discord, we are a team of veteran forgers and community members who want provide a platform for new members to share and discuss.

    Starting intitially as an Invasion map testing group in the aforementioned MCC Forger's Discord in 2020, we slowly began to expand and take in new members. In August 2021, we branded ourselves as The Anvil and began the project of building a website. The main purpose of the site initially was to host select maps as a portfolio, but expanded in scope. Thankfully, the decision was taken to change direction away from being a small cliquey group to a community serving everyone.

    In March 2020, we moved the project to Xenforo and the result is our current site. Through the site we want to deliver regular content, at an ever-increasing level of quality. Map & Mod Features, Community Events and this very Wiki are all key content pieces we want to push. Our strategy takes a lot
    of inspiration from the historical success of other community sites back when Halo was a more popular franchise.

    Our Team

    We have a small core staff team here at The Anvil - broken up into two main ranks. Our mod team help manage the site, while our contributors help out with content like these wiki pages. As we grow we'll surely expand our team and reach out to the community.