Asymmetrical 1 Flag CTF

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  • Asymmetrical 1 Flag CTF

    This mode was not included in Halo 5 as a stock game mode option and had to be scripted. This entry should serve as an example of high level mode design and implementation in Halo 5's Forge mode.

    There was no way to build a non-Neutral Flag version of 1 Flag CTF using default modes, as they would all need a flag spawn/capture point per team and would try to use all 4 of those each round unless prevented. There were attempts to build this using solely scripting, but the Forge:Flag object had a game-breaking visual bug where it would sit at the wrong angle after being dropped and was prone to animate as if it was slamming itself against the ground, or some odd angle, over and over, resetting in between.

    This article will have a write up eventually, but for now it's just images explaining what is happening to make this mode function as a modification of the behavior of the base Symmetrical 2 Flag CTF mode. These images aren't made as explainers, rather these were the planning documents that were made and modified as this mode was designed using Miro, an online whiteboard. You may have to open the images in new tabs and zoom in to read them, but all text should be legible upon zoom.

    This was made for the matchmaking BTB playlist by members of The Scripter's Guild, including Captain Punch, ShambullZ (Yumudas), Exterrestr1al, and Nokyard. The mode consists of multiple modules (the mode logic, written by Captain Punch: the side swap controller, written by ShambullZ; and the sudden death controller, written by Exterrestr1al) and uses the stock Symmetrical CTF mode as a base.













    Captain Punch
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