Fusion Coils

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  • Fusion Coils

    Fusion Coils are explosive objects found in various Halo games that can be used to deal significant damage to enemy players and vehicles. They are recognizable by their bright glowing colors and tall, rectangular, shape. In Halo Infinite they can be picked up, carried around the level, and thrown long distances.

    One important thing to note about fusion coils is that the game mode setting for scaling weapon damage affects them even when they are not being carried or thrown. For example, if a player has turned down weapon damage to 10% and hits a fusion coil with a gravity hammer, the resulting explosion will also deal 10% damage. This applies to both the damage dealt to players and vehicles and any other damaging effects that occur when a fusion coil is damaged.

    This is particularly notable with the large fusion coils that cannot be picked up. These are often strategically placed in certain areas of the map and can be used to deal significant damage to enemy players and vehicles if detonated at the right time.


    Captain Punch