Guide - Handling Corrupt Files

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  • Handling issues with seemingly corrupt file versions

    If you are having issues with previously published versions overwriting newer versions when you try to publish a newer version, this can generally by fixed by deleting the version that was doing the overwriting. Because of that, make sure to leave notes on published versions so you can more easily keep track of which number was last and which versions were important.

    As for the corrupted versions:

    Note: Restart the game before doing this, that may resolve a session issue and, if so, you won't need to continue.

    1 - try to open current, if doesn't work...
    2 - try to open oldest version: if works...
    3 - try to 2nd newest, then 3rd, 4th, etc., until one opens

    If you can't open the oldest version, you're in a state that cannot be recovered from.

    Also: It has been found that it is the entire session's worth of saves that is corrupted, so you can reasonably replace the 2nd step with 'oldest version from session and the one just older than that'.


    Captain Punch