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  • When you are in the Forge Lobby, there is a game type selection option. You need to use that to select the game type you wish to edit in, which will then allow you to usxe the set of tags related to that game type. To edit a different game type, you will need to save your map, exit to the lobby, and then select that game type. Invasion and Invasion Slayer have differing sets of tags; this is the only such situation where a sub-game type has different tags than it's parent group (i.e. Territories and 3 Plots both have the same tags).

    In Basic Editing, you will have no special tags available, but all items set to game type specific and tagged for a game type will be visible, with their tags. You can change the tag to the "NO LABEL" setting, but it will not be able to be reversed if the menu is left, unless you leave and come back in the correct game type.

    The chart can be found here:

    How To Read This Spreadsheet

    Refers to an object with the related tag being required for the map to function.

    Requires Area
    Refers to an object with the related tag needing to be either set to cylinder or box with occupied area values (Can't be zero! That is, unless the value is bottom and you have enough top or visa versa.)

    Works With
    Refers to what the tag is currently known to function with:
    u = usual, items such as flag stands, capture plates, and hill markers.
    w = weapons, believe it or not, somethings like bombs can be made to spawn on weapons or the person holding them.
    v = vehicles, same as weapons.
    t = toys, namely soccer and golf balls and tin cups, but planting bombs at the center of kill balls using bubble shields also works.
    a = all, all items can be used with these tags, even structures.
    hm = hill marker, either only works with hill markers, or there is no point in using something else.

    Team Specific
    Refers to whether the item should be set to a specific team, be neutral, or both.

    Game Type Specific
    Refers to whether an item should be set to Game Type Specific, although they do no need to be, and should not be until you are ready to finalize your map, as you may find the need to adjust them while placing objectives in other game types or may way to be able to see them so that items can have cross game type correlations.

    Note: If the tag is listed under General, that means it can show up in more than one game type in Forge.

    Asterisked Items
    * Only required if you want your map to have phase specific spawns (except inv_res_zone, which is active for all phases). Spawn order influences what fire team will be able to use this spawn area, 0 for 1, 1 for 2, 2 for 3, and all of them for 3 and upward.
    ** Effects both initial and respawn points; place initial spawns with this tag at beginning of race track to make game fair and not have players spawn randomly.
    *** Other objects may be compatible, but are only in the experimental phase at this point (Let me know if you find anything out!).
    **** Requires that RESPAWN points must be placed inside the bounds of the area to function. These respawn points should be set to neutral.
    ***** If you place 1 or more objectives that you plan to use as territories to capture as well as a core or bomb in the same phase, the players will have the option of capturing the territory OR planting the bomb at one of the territories/stealing the core ad taking it to one of the territories.


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