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  • The Anvil Invasion Map Pack is our first map pack that was released for Halo Reach. It represents the efforts of a two year project from 13 forgers working together to refine and distill the greatest competitive invasion maps Halo has ever seen.


    This projects history might aswell be a synopsis of the birth of the The Anvil. This is the project which first brought together members of the mcc forging community. To many's surprise this Invasion based project did not start with Halo: reach, but instead a script intensive Halo 2 Anniversary Invasion mode!
    General Trex on a mission to find others to forge this gamemode stumbled upon N0mnom321, he had previously made a Zanzibar Invasion conversion with a giant ship in phase 1! They discussed the announcement of Halo Reach coming to PC and decided to begin gathering a group of forgers, and so the discord was born. Halo Reach launched with a brand new expanded thorage pallet and an expanded budget of 30,000. This was a game-changer and saw many creators join as the community swelled to roughly 30 members. This entire project can essentially be attributed to of the other founding members The AbleSir Thomas, he organised the group and applied his infamous Invasion Theory to bring the groups maps up to a competitive standard. The testing lobbies began and ran weekly alongside infamous coforge sessions with able zooming around with his finger hovering over the Y button. After the group had tackled a few invasion maps, TrustySn00ze was drafted to start experimenting with new additions to this formula. His involvement with this project would eventually spawn gametype innovations such as Generators and Editing Scale in Forge which are now invaluable mechanics in modern MCC customs.

    The maps have come such a long way since their inception, with 100's of invasion map versions for each submission lost in file share and private storage clean outs. Another wiki page documenting the different versions of these maps will eventually become available. The same can also be said for the forgers! A sizeable section of these Invasion creators were brought into the fold from creating RobinCCCCC Esq invasion maps you might find today, to producing a map for this Map Pack! This process was affectionately labelled "The talk" and was a right of passage for any aspiring invasion forger. Headed by Able, it usually commenced after a particularly "interesting" forge map show and tell and consisted of Able rambling until the forger fell silent and questioned his life choices. This process continued as we started branching out and positioning us as the "MCC Forge Server" attracting more playtesters to serve as cannon fodder for our gamenights.

    Then Covid 19 Hit. Trapped inside with nothing better to do, we all booted up our devices and began DAILY custom nights, this was pre customs game browser so this finally enabled us to consistently fill a 12 player lobby almost at any time we desired. This is where the project really picked up steam. I think it is safe to say that at this point we had become addicted to Halo : Reach's gameplay, from Trex's Infamous PC banshee to Able & Spiderman cy612 Wheelman Supremacy these testing lobbies would continue to this day.

    There is another side to this story which one day we'd all like to share with you, but for now this gives a adequate insight into the origins of this project.

    The Forgers

    Here a list of the creators that contributed to this project

    • AbleSir Thomas AbleSir Thomas
    • A1ex W A1ex W
    • BarrenFatal BarrenFatal
    • BurnedHeretic BurnedHeretic
    • Drak Drak
    • General Trex General Trex
    • Iflod101 Iflod101
    • King Mikey King Mikey
    • N0mnom321 N0mnom321
    • Robshot Robshot
    • Spiderman Cy612 Spiderman Cy612
    • Jeshua Jeshua
    • CleanserOfNoobs CleanserOfNoobs


    The map pack contains a total of 23+ maps split between Elite Offense & Spartan Offense that are sometimes refereced as EO or SO. We also use acronyms to describe the phases of these maps:

    TTC - Territoreis / Teritories / Core
    TBC - Territoreis / Bomb / Core
    TGC - Territories / Generator / Core
    GGC - Generator / Generator / Core

    The Maps

    Below is a widget containing a gallery of our invasion maps, click through to see the original maps posts.