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  • Welcome to the Wiki Home for all things Rabid MagicMan! Here you will find links and documentation covering everything this gametype scripter has touched. If Rabid MagicMan was a lecturer, then this would be his textbook.

    What are Rabid Mods?

    Hi I'm Rabid! I make Halo MCC mods which can be played by anyone (Xbox or PC!) on the custom games browser.

    Unlike most Halo mods on the market, downloading and playing my mods is free and extremely easy: simply find my fileshare through the in-game menus, press download, and then play them! What's more, you can play my mods on YOUR OWN MAPS!

    Rabid Mods are gametype mods, rather than map mods. This means the scope is a little more limited, but this is why they can be played by anyone and seamlessly implemented on any map.

    I prioritise mod features which create cinematic, impressive stuff, and which directly change up gameplay to make it more exciting and refreshing. I also add things which fix vanilla bugs and enhance the tools available to forgers for them to innovate and make cool stuff. Where I can, I aim to make my mods as flexible as possible so that people can adapt them for use on their own maps and games according to their personal preferences.

    Current Mods

    So far I've mostly focussed on making Halo campaign-themed gametype mods, with a couple of exceptions (War Invasion, Riot, and some minigames).

    If you've played Invasion on Halo MCC at some point in the last year, then there's a good chance you've seen one of my mods already. They're the ones where the elites have beautiful campaign ranks & colours, where you might get pummelled to death by a berserk brute, blown to smithereens by a player-controlled missile cannon, squashed to death by a drop pod, or launched to the moon by an AI-controlled scarab gun. They're the ones with grunts, portable shields, and supersized map objects.

    My invasion mods are now so packed full of features that there's almost no space left for me to add anything more to them. And that's despite me having rewritten Bungie's original invasion gamecode, line for line, to be almost 50% shorter.

    There are lots of handy features for forgers to use in these mods, but I've prioritised script efficiency over intuitiveness. That means you'll need to read these guides to find out what features are available and how to use them if you want to implement them on your maps.

    Rabid Featured Map Pack

    I collaborate with some of the most talented forgers in the community to ensure that the best maps in town are bolstered by the best mods and gameplay too. In addition to modding, I spend heaps of time adapting, playtesting, and repeatedly balance tweaking maps to create the highest quality content possible. I'm not a competitive player; our maps prioritise cinematic awe and fun over strict competitive layouts, though we do endeavour to make them balanced and fair. All of my featured maps are on my fileshare (each states which gametype to use in its description), and soon I'll be making a map pack page for them on this website too!

    Upcoming Mods

    In the background I've also been working on a bunch of other very unique and exciting gametype mods for over a year. I hope to finish these soon, indeed some are on the verge of completion. But, considering the inordinate amount of time it takes to make this stuff, I need sponsorship to get them done. If you have spare pocket money to spend on the things you love, please consider donating.

    Rabid Poster best

    If you're excited or intrigued by anything on this list, then please consider sponsoring their creation!
    I simply can't finish them without your support.


    Q: What are Rabid mods?
    A: I make gametype mods, and help forgers implement the mods on the coolest maps in the community. So far I've mostly focussed on making campaign-themed invasion and linear infection mods, but I have more things coming up soon! Look at the "Available Rabid mods" page in the for a full list of my finished mods.

    Q: But I'm on Xbox?
    A: GREAT! All of my mods are COMPLETELY XBOX FRIENDLY! You can play them, you can save them, you can forge with them. You can do everything with them that PC users can!

    Q: What about the Custom Games Browser?
    A: All of my mods are COMPLETELY CGB FRIENDLY! so you can host them on the CGB or join other people's lobbies on there!

    Q: How and when can I play these with other people?
    A: We regularly host CGB lobbies to play our most impressive modded invasion and infection maps using Rabid Mods in the Rampant Cartographers Discord server. Just keep and eye on the "customs-browser" channel and the CGB_Ping, and join when we're hosting Rabid Mods!

    Q: Can I save or host these myself?
    A: Yep! Download all of the most recently updated versions my gametype mods and featured maps from my fileshare. Use in-game menus to find it, my gamertag is "Rabid MagicMan".