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    Associated Terminology

    Strain vs variant
    Mod strains have different modded scripts/coding, meaning they have hardwired differences which can't be changed with in-game options. In contrast, gametype variants are

    distinct files built from the same mod strain, so they have identical underlying 'script' but have had their Gametype Options changed in-game (e.g. traits, loadouts, capture times, name, description).

    The scale mod feature allows forge objects to be resized. All of my mods include this. There are 2 distinct size ranges for scale: 33x, and 71x (which refers to the maximum size possible). Scaled maps will not look correct unless played with a gametype strain which includes the correct scale range in the mod script. The the description for each gametype usually says which scale type it uses, in the following format:
    "33x" or "71x" -----> basic scale, where the most scaled objects you can have on the map is around ~220ish.
    "u-33x" or "u-71x" ----> same, but with no max scaled object count (the 'u' stands for unlimited).
    "u-Sx" -----> unlimited switchable scale. This uses 33x by default, but will instead use 71x if you place an object on the map labelled "create" with spawn sequence "71".
    Scale update
    There are now also 330x scale (aka Titan scale) and 47x scale ranges too. Sorry to complicate things. Check out the "Scale" miniguide thread for full info!
    "u-Tx" ----> Titan scale (330x), with no max scaled object count (the 'u' stands for unlimited).

    Invasion Mods


    Enriched Invasion

    This is the generic invasion gametype mod, best suited for people to change and adapt for their own maps. It has all the standard invasion mod features. Global Battles (by moro1974), DetestedCape3 map pack, and modded gametypes by mauri are all gametype variants made from this mod strain.
    - No custom turret (neither missile turret or phantom turret)
    Scale: Unlimited 71x, or Unlimited 33x
    Counter Ops
    A strain of Enriched Invasion with a player-controllable phantom turret, though currently the only map which includes this turret is Strike Team. More may be on the way. This is the main "Spartans attack" gametype used by Milk.
    + Phantom turret
    - No "Assault" objective type. Assault phases will play as Core Capture instead.
    Scale: 33x

    Counter Assault
    Same as Counter Ops, except:
    + Assault added back in
    - Shielded wraiths & ghosts removed (they will appear as normal vehicles instead).
    Scale: 33x
    Trifecta Ops
    Same as Counter Assault, except:
    + Covenant loadouts redesigned into 3 distinct phases (light infantry phase 1, brutes phase 2, advanced elites phase 3)
    + Custom Powerup converts elites into one of three random power classes (Super stealth elite, General, Zealot)
    Scale: 33x

    Great Schism

    A strain of Counter Ops where the attacking spartan team has been replaced by elites, and the defending team are all brutes! Grunt loadouts can be added to either team. This can be played on any map where the attacking team would normally be spartans, including any Counter Ops map. Defending (blue) team all spawn as brutes regardless of loadout gear (unless grunt). Red team are elites and use the normal covenant gear, except without officer rank.
    + Phantom turret
    + Assault objective type
    - No ODST drop pods
    Scale: 33x
    Council's Hand
    A strain of Enriched Invasion with a player-controllable missile cannon. Maps with this turret include: ODST Final Defense, Icarus Superhighway, Halo CE Sacred Halls, and some maps by CalledLoki. This is the main "Elites attack" gametype used for Mr Dr Milk maps.
    + Missile cannon turret
    - No grunts
    - No ODST drop pods
    Scale: 33x

    A strain of Enriched Invasion where both teams are spartans.
    + Expanded team colour options
    + Optional 'berserker' spartans
    + ODST drop pods (red team only)
    + Editable Machine Gun Turret Traits
    + Machine Gun gametype option: normal, or packable (pack up, carry, and redeploy machine gun turrets!), or holsterable (like a normal weapon).
    + Default loadouts include machine gun (5th loadout each tier) and no weapon (4th loadout each tier)
    + Machine gun only tanks, with 2x hp, which can optionally be converted into mobile respawn zones.
    - No custom turret
    Scale: Unlimited & Switchable

    SvS War Invasion
    Ideal for historical World War themed maps.
    A strain of SvS Enriched Invasion with hardwired traits changes to balance the game for the default settings.
    + Spiker enormous damage buff (150% trait damage, in practice a 4x damage buff)
    + Scorpion user damage buff (90% trait, in practice 1.5x buff) and resistance buff (500% resistance)
    Scale: Unlimited & Switchable, OR 330x currently available


    A strain of SvS Enriched Invasion focused on melee combat, improvised weapons, and throwable objects! Swords are invisible, to appear like fists. All guns deal much more damage than normal (2.25x damage), but bloom is doubled. Grenades don't explode, insta-kill on direct hit, and look like small thrown objects if appropriately labelled objects are placed on the map. Flags (usable as weapons) spawn at the attacking team's initial spawn points. Objects can be labelled to spawn a bomb (usable as a melee weapon) and attach to it, e.g. a large rock.
    + Grenades don't explode, but insta-kill on direct hit
    + Labelled heavy objects can be picked up and thrown
    + Respawn zone vehicles
    - No ODST drop pods
    - No shielded wraiths & ghosts (they appear as normal vehicles)
    - No AA shades or shade traits
    Scale: Unlimited & Switchable

    Locomotion Invasion (experimental)

    A strain of Enriched Invasion with the currently-experimental Locomotion feature. This can be used to make moving objects, such as elevators, trains, invisible conveyer belts, and gravity altering zones. The moving objects can be constant, phase specific, and/or triggered by player proximity. Currently the only map using this mod is Jungle Ravine, which has an elevator.
    - The main issue with this mod at the moment is, while working fine for most players, those on lower end devices (such as original Xbox One) suffer debilitatingly low FPS which can literally make them move (and even fall) in slow motion.
    + Locomotion
    - No custom turret
    - No ODST drop pods
    - No shielded wraiths & ghosts (they appear as normal vehicles)
    Scale: Unlimited & Switchable

    Unique invasion gametype strains
    The following have unique mods added to the gametype to improve gameplay on the specific maps they were built for, so aren't generally recommended for use on other maps.
    • Alexandria Skyline
    • UNSC Strikes Back
    • Asteroid Pursuit <-- 1420x scale (yes, this is insane), plus low gravity corpses.*
    • Scarab's Last Stand (AI) <-- an AI-controlled scarab gun. Map-specific phase 2 objectives.*
    • Scarab's Last Stand (player) <-- a player-controlled scarab fuel rod turret.*

    * These gametypes have cool features which could be good on other maps. I could make a less map-specific version of these if demand is high.

    Invasion/Infection Mods

    Winter Contingency
    This is a Covenant-themed linear infection mod, where Spartans aim to complete all 3 invasion objectives without being killed to win (earning 10 points if they do). Those who die join the elite team. The elites have standard classes (including a grunt class and invisible spec ops class), and power classes (double shield Zealots, strong weapon-wielding Ultras, and fuel rod Grunt) which are only available when less than 25% of the lobby is infected. The damage and health of the survivors subtly increases as the percentage of infected players increases, slightly levelling the playing field as the game progresses.
    + Zombie power classes (depending on percent infected)
    + Traits rebalancing (depending on percent infected)
    + Expanded 'Brown team scripting'
    + Custom waypoints
    - More rigid elite loadout gear rank matching than the invasion mods. No brutes.
    Scale: Unlimited & Switchable
    Guardian Oracle
    The same as Winter Contingency, except one member of the survivor team is Guilty Spark: a monitor with unlimited ammo focus rifle and laser. The monitor can't capture objectives, and doesn't need to be infected for the round to end, so their only role is to kill or distract as many elites as they can to help the survivor team win the round. If the monitor gets killed, the player gets infected (an elite) and the next Spartan to be killed instead reincarnates as a new monitor on the survivor team. Guardian Oracle can be played on any Winter Contingency map, though I recommend using it on indoor Forerunner themed maps or maps which are a bit too hard on normal Winter Contingency. I like to use it on: Disarm the Nukes, 343 Guilty Spark, Sentinel Grand Archive, Barrier Tower Ambush.
    Same as WC except:
    + Monitor survivor protector
    - Destructible objective type remove
    Scale: Unlimited & Switchable