Brown Team Scripting

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  • Brown Team Scripting (Invasion + WC) Mid-phase Object (De)Spawning + Switches

    Despawning & Destruction in the middle of a phase
    1. Make an "inv_vehicle" structure object (e.g. a 1x1 block) and set it up to appear at the exact time you want the target object to despawn. Change it to brown team. This is the controller object.
    2. Give the controller object a shape boundary which covers the target object.
    3. Set the target object to brown team.
    4. When the inv_vehicle brown team object appears, it will delete all other brown team objects in its shape boundary. If the brown team target has health, it will destroy that target instead of deleting it. This can be used to detonate things like landmines, vehicles, phantoms, etc. You can set up repeat explosions by giving the explosive brown team target have a non-never spawn time (e.g. on Corvette Takedown map).
    Circuits and Switch objects
    You can use this in clever ways to make simple circuits and switch objects too. E.g. have a fusion coil brown team controller deleting a door which has a respawn time of 1 second. If a player destroys that fusion coil, the door will no longer be deleted and will be able to spawn in, so the fusion coil would seem like a switch to close the open door. You could give the fusion coil a 30 second respawn time to make the door open again. You can daisy-chain brown team controllers to create logic like NOT gates. Minecraft redstone users should have fun with this.

    NOTE: As of v26 and later, ALL invasion mods have full expanded brown team scripting options! So if using v26 or later, disregard the any mention of restricted availability in certain mods!
    Mod strain availability
    The following are script-expensive, so some are only available in certain mod strains. This availability may well shift a bit in future updates.

    Certain brown team target objects cue Audio or Explosions
    • "Power_down" sound (initial spawn point)
    • Phase transition music (flag stand)
    • Human bomb explosion (soccer ball)
    • Covenant bomb explosion (golf ball)
    Specific target objects
    Some useful object types or labels can't be set to brown team without affecting their function, so I've made exceptions for some of these which will always be deleted if in a brown team controller shape.
    • Soft safe zone
    • Soft kill zone
    • Safe zone
    • Kill zone
    • inv_res_zone
    • inv_res_p1
    • inv_res_p2
    • inv_res_p3

    Brown Team Example uses
    These might give you some inspiration for brown team scripting uses, and investigating in forge could help you understand how to set it up. Note that it can be hard to see in forge because I usually hide the brown team controller objects outside the map. I typically use 1x1 blocks for the controllers if that helps. I could make a forge gametype that puts a waypoint over brown team objects if that would help (poke me if you want this).

    Disarm the Nukes
    Phase 2: Destroying a computer screen triggers a brown team cascade that deletes a waypoint, changes all the zombie teleporters, opens a shield door, and triggers audio cues (music and "gen power down").
    All phases: brown team is used to make soft safe zones despawn mid-phase, forcing players to progress through the linear map.

    Corvette Takedown
    Fusion coils, landmines and plasma batteries repeatedly explode in middair due to a brown team controller covering the entire map.

    Jungle Ravine
    Phase 2: Destroying a plasma battery at the bottom of the elevator activates attacker respawn zones at the bottom of the elevator, cues music, deletes shield doors, and deletes defender forward teleporters. It's basically an entire extra phase. This one has a daisy chain of 4 brown team controllers iirc hahaha.

    Truth & Reconcilliation
    A one-time wraith appears in phase 2 (orange team inv_vehicle). In phase 3, a blast door cycles between open and shut due to a triangle of brown team controllers.

    Pillar of Autumn
    Phase 3: brown team objects throughout the map cause blast doors to slowly open in 3-4 step increments. Zombie teleporters and blast doors also progressively appear/open. The final opening is accompanied with a power down sound cue.

    Assault on the Cartographer
    Phase 3: destroying a fusion coil triggers brown team to explode the nearby objective and deletes the light bridge. It all respawns after 60 seconds.

    "Burn Their Mongrel Skies"
    This map uses particularly ambitious brown team scripting for a phase 2-3 cinematic. IAn imitation Covenant ship (scaled seraphs) to fall from the sky at the start of phase 3, triggering invisibly small phantoms to explode as it falls for dramatic effect, and then causing massive screen shake using many assault bomb explosions (soccer balls). The most impressive part though, is then the entire phase 3 playable area spawns in, a crashed ship with an entire interior, complete with respawn zones and an objective site.

    Disclaimer: this map has some bugs which will be fixed when Halo MCC is next updated by 343i

    Mongrel Skies 1
    Mongrel skies break 2
    Mongrel skies break
    Mongrel skies 3
    Mongel skies opening
    Mongrel skies interior