Change Object Health

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  • Change Object Health (Invasion)

    Yellow team = halve an object's health
    Pink team = double an object's health

    "inv_objective" label + spawn seq 5 = indestructible
    "scale" label + purple team = Indestructible, infinite shields, no collision, phased physics
    "scale" label + green team = Same as purple, but also casts a shadow

    Yellow and pink team are very useful for making destructible objectives easier or harder to destroy, as needed for balance. They can also be used to make vehicles stronger, e.g. shade turrets set to pink team can survive > 1 hit from a scorpion or banshee.

    Scale + purple team is very useful for making vehicles phased and indestructible for aesthetic parts of a map. In particular, for making phantoms indestructible and able to be walkable inside, and for making scaled up seraphs have infinite shields for nice shield flare when used as imitation corvettes (see Moro1974's maps for examples of this).

    Moro Boundless