Fire Particles

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  • Fire Particles (Invasion & WC)

    Place a hill marker*, label "fire_particle". Team determines phase it first appears:
    neutral = roundstart
    red team = phase 2
    blue team = phase 3
    pink team = round start big fire that doesn't deal damage to players.

    *Note that it doesn't have to be a hill marker. You can use any object and the fire will appear at its origin (where the shape boundary of an object starts from). This can be useful for saving an object if there's a scenery piece in a good position already, like an antenna small, 5x5 flat, or a small rock.

    Small fires
    Spawn seq >0 for small fire of increasing intensity/thickness. I would warn against using spawn seq higher than like 10, and between 1 and 4 is plenty for most situations.

    Big fires
    Spawn seq 0 for big yellow fire, spawn seq -1 for big plasma fire. the plasma fire is a line, pointing same direction as hill marker. Resist the urge to use loads of these as too many can cause map issues. For gametypes with "unlimited scale" you can use more than gametype with normal scale. For the latter, I wouldn't use more than 4-5 of these (though you might get more mileage is you haven't got many scaled objects).

    To make big fires, you need to manually place a 'master hill marker' on the map somewhere. Put a hill marker somewhere well outside the playable map and label it "create" with spawn sequence 0. Let me know if you have problems with this.