Main Features of Invasion Mods

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  • Main features across my Invasion Mods

    My campaign-themed invasion mods have scale (resizeable forge objects), destructible objectives, and a bunch of other things (some optional, some hardwired). Enriched Invasion is the most generic one. This is a non-exhaustive list of the main features of my main invasion mods.

    This doesn't cover not standard mods like Riot! and Winter Contingency or Guardian Oracle.

    Elite ranks & colours change to look like campaign elites, based on loadout gear.
    Improved inv_vehicle label functionality (for spawning objects in later phases)
    Hardwired weapon rebalances:
    Spiker: 1.5x damage
    Plasma Repeater: 1.2x damage
    Gausshog: 0.25x damage
    AA Shade: 0.5x damage​

    Optional features (all gametype strains unless stated absent in above posts)
    • Shade traits (default/recommended: 4x damage, 2x pilot hp)
    • Scale3
    • Destructible objectives (aka generator defense) 1
    • Team specific traits
    • Team specific weapons & vehicles (highly tuneable)
    • Brute/berserker class
    • Grunt class
    • Permanent custom powerup, which can change weapon
    • AA shades2
    • Warthog turret emplacements
    • Fire particles (3 types, phase specific, optionally harmful)
    • Portable Covenant shields
    • Shielded wraiths or ghosts
    • ODST drop pods
    • 'Brown team scripting': Switch objects; phase-specific and timed/delayed object despawning; scriptable explosions.
    • Shadow casting4
    Optional Features (select gametype strains only)
    • Player-controlled custom turret (missile cannon6
    • phantom, or scarab)
    • AI-controlled custom turret ('scarab jet')5
    • Expanded 'Brown team scripting': more scriptable explosions; scripted music cues or generator sound; mid-phase timed despawning kill/safe zones & respawn zones.
    • Floating/zero-gravity corpses
    • Holsterable machine guns
    • Moveable machine gun turrets
    • Respawn zone vehicles
    • Civilian (no turret) vehicles 4
    • Randomly chosen elite power class on custom powerup pickup

    One gametype, multiple maps
    • There are a few features to make it easy to use one gametype variant for more than one map (very useful when hosting CGB lobbies).
    • Objective type for each phase is automatically detected from each map.
    • Time limit for each phase can be extended or shortened from markers placed on a map.
    • Gametype strains with "unlimited Switchable Scale (u-Sx)" can be used on both 33x and 71x scale maps, is an object with label "create" and spawn seq 71 is on the 71x map.

    Above have references related to the following creators:
    Feature Credits
    1 By TrustySn00ze
    2 By Cantaloupe0
    3 In collaboration with TrustySn00ze
    4 In collaboration with Weesee i
    5 Includes script sections adapted from Gamergotten
    6 Includes script sections adapted from Cantaloupe0