Multi-Map Gametype Options

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  • Multi-Map Gametype Options (Invasion + WC)

    There are a few features to make it easy to use one gametype variant for more than one map (very useful when hosting CGB lobbies).

    Map Objective Detection
    Objective type for each phase is automatically detected from each map. The following is also explained in the description of the "Objectives" option in "Specific Gametype Options" of the the custom games menu.

    A) Default
    ----> Destructible objective

    B) An "inv_objective" object with a shape boundary which contains itself
    ----> Territories

    C) An "inv_obj_flag" object set to neutral team
    ----> Core capture

    D) An "inv_obj_flag" object NOT set to neutral team
    ----> Assault

    Adjust time limit for a phase (Invasion only)
    Time limit for each phase can be extended or shortened from markers placed on a map. Label a random object on the map (e.g. a hill marker, or a part of the map like a coliseum wall) with "inv_res_p[x]", where x is the phase you want to adjust the time limit off.
    • Green team = increase the time limit by 1 minute
    • Orange team = reduce the time limit by 1 minute
    • You can do this as many times as you like, to adjust the phase duration by as many minutes as you want for each phase!