NPC Spartans, Elites + Dead Bodies

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  • NPC Spartans, Elites, + Dead Bodies (Winter Contingency)

    Label an object with "create" and spawn sequence 25. This can be a hill marker or any other object. You can try putting it on random floor objects, scenery or walls to save object space. Team controls body type:
    neutral team = living spartan
    red team = dead spartan
    blue team = living elite
    green team = dead elite

    Dead body replenishment
    Dead bodies despawn after ~20 seconds. Therefore I've set it to respawn the body instantly, but you do unfortunately see the body collapse down dead each time this happens. So to counter that, I've made it so that dead bodies WON'T replenish when a real player is standing in the shape boundary of the labelled object. Therefore, if you wish, you can give the labelled spawner object a shape boundary which matches the size of the room where the dead body is in, so that the body WON'T replenish while a player is standing close enough to see the silly death animation.