ODST Drop Pod Respawns

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  • ODST Drop Pods (Invasion)

    How to set up ODST drop pod respawns (Invasion)
    Only available in select invasion mods: Enriched Invasion, Counter Ops/Assault, SvS Invasion (red team only)

    You can make Spartans respawn from imitation ODST drop pods, which fall from the sky and explode to release the player.

    Part 1) Random respawn ODST drop zones
    These are similar to normal invasion-style respawn points (inv_res_p1, inv_res_zone etc.), but any spartans who respawn at them will be in a drop pod. A cool feature of this is it respawns you at a random location within a chosen circular zone, in contrast to the vanilla invasion respawn points which always respawn you in a small ring around the point itself (based on which way you face your camera).
    1. Place a hill marker at the map height you want the drop pods to appear at. Label it "ODST Drop Zone"
    2. Object team controls which phase the respawn zone is active:
    3. neutral = p1 red = p2 blue = p3 green = all game
    4. Now you can decide the flat circular area where a location is randomly chosen from each time a spartan respawns here. This takes a few steps:
    5. Set the shape boundary to cylinder, with max bottom height, so you can see where the falling pods will land. Now change the radius to what you want. The max radius is 30.0
    6. Once you're happy with the cylinder radius, get a calculator and divide that radius value by 0.3
    7. Set the spawn sequence to the result. E.g. for a 13.6 radius cylinder, you'd do 13.6/0.3 to get a result of 45.333, so you'd set the spawn sequence to 45.
    8. when you're finished, I recommend changing the shape boundary to a small area; cylinder with 2.0 for each dimension will do fine.

    Drop podDrop pod closeup

    Part 2) Enabling & disabling drop pods in certain map areas

    Part 1 described individual drop pod respawn zones, which spartans can cycle to when choosing where to respawn like normal inv respawn zones. But you can also enable ALL respawning to occur as drop pods in large parts (or all) of the map. If you do this, then any time a spartan would respawn normally in a covered map area (e.g. at a normal invasion respawn zone or on a fireteam member), they will instead be instantly teleported directly up into the sky, gain a drop pod, then fall down to where they would have respawned. 2 zone types control this.

    Important info
    a) You can make multiple of each zone.
    b) There needs to be at least one of either zone type for any drop pods to be enabled on the map. This works independently from the zones in part (1).
    c) The "enabled" and "disabled" zones use the same logic and safe zones and kill zones respectively:
    1) The disabled zone overrides the enabled zone anywhere they overlap.
    2) If there are no "enabled" zones on the map, then ANYWHERE not covered with a "disabled" zone will have drop pods enabled.

    Drop pods enabled zones Label: "create", spawn sequence 23
    To have all spartan respawns occur as drop pod respawns in a part of your map, cover that map area in the shape boundary of an object (e.g. hill marker) with this label.

    Drop pods disabled zones Label: "create", spawn sequence 22
    You can disable all drop pod spawning in an area of your map by covering it in the shape boundary of an object (e.g. hill marker) with this label. This overrides the "drop pods enabled" zones. E.g., you could cover your whole map with an "Enabled" zone, then disable drop pods over a building or cave in the middle of the map with one of these "Disabled" zones to stop players landing on its roof.