Phase Transition Objects

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  • Phase Transition Object (De)Spawning (Invasion +WC)

    Phase-start despawning or destruction ("inv_gates" label)
    Despawning (same as vanilla invasion)
    • "inv_gates" label
    • Spawn sequence = the phase BEFORE it despawns.
    • Spawn time is irrelevant, though you should use "never" for teleporters.
    • The object will despawn instantly the moment the next phase begins.
    Destruction: I've changed the vanilla "inv_gates" label to explode/destroy objects with health (vehicles, phantoms, landmines, etc.) before deleting them. This makes it less likely to spawn lock players who are currently using vehicles when they get removed by inv_gates. It also allows you to script narrative events, like phantoms or landmines exploding.

    Precisely-timed object spawning (improved "inv_vehicle" label)
    I've made numerous improvements to the "inv_vehicle" label over vanilla invasion. For spawning any object in a later phase:
    • "inv_vehicle" label
    • Spawn sequence = phase it first appears.
    • Spawn time = how long into the phase you want it to appear.
    E.g. 30 second spawn time, inv_vehicle, spawn seq 2 on a teleporter will cause it to appear exactly 30 seconds into the 2nd phase. This is an improvement over vanilla where the object would have appeared after a random amount of time between 0 and 30 seconds.

    Weapons work a bit differently
    NOTE: sadly weapons work a bit differently, so they will respawn within 1-3 seconds of phase start instead of appearing with precise timing.
    NOTE: the "inv_weapon" label has been left the same as vanilla. it works the same as inv_vehicle, but without precise timing. If you don't want weapons to respawn within 1-3 seconds of phase start, the best you can do is set them to use "inv_weapon" instead of "inv_vehicle" and accept that they'll respawn after a random amount of time between 0 and their "spawn time".

    One-time phase-start spawning (inv_vehicle, orange team)
    Some Reach objects are unable to respawn, and thus can't be used with inv_vehicle in vanilla. These non-respawnables include everything in the "Spawning" and "Objectives" forge categories, as well as a lot of scenery style objects (especially in the Thorage categories). To rectify this, I've added a list of specific useful object types which are handled differently to make them able spawn late with inv_vehicle.
    • Any "inv_vehicle" orange team object.
    • Pelican
    • Soft kill zone
    • Soft safe zone
    • Kill zone
    • Safe zone
    You can also use this to cause an object to spawn instantly at the start of a phase, regardless of its "spawn time". E.g., you could set a wraith to appear instantly at the start of the phase, even if its spawn time thereafter is 90 seconds (or even "never"). Be warned though that a vehicle spawned this way will despawn quite quickly (~30-60 seconds) if no one gets in it.