Portable Shields

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  • Portable shields (Invasion + WC)

    How they work in game (very intuitive)
    Each labelled shield will create a covenant bomb behind it. Players can pick up this bomb to move it around. The shield disappears when it's picked up, then reappears once the bomb has been dropped and has stopped moving.

    How to place in a map
    In forge, you place a covenant shield (under scenery category) and give it label "create" and spawn sequence 24.

    Orange team = both teams can use it
    Red team = only elites can use it
    Blue team = only spartans can use it

    Cover any locations you DON'T want player to place shields with a soft kill zone. The shield bomb can be dropped in these zones but will nit deploy its shield. This is recommended to prevent players from blocking shield doors and teleporters. If you don't want the soft kill to affect players, set the kill zone to orange team.