Team Restricted Utility

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  • Team Restricted Weapons & Vehicles

    Map options
    Green team = only Spartans can use this weapon or vehicle. Only Elites in Great Schism.
    Purple team = only Elites can use this weapon or vehicle. Only Brutes in Great Schism.

    Disclaimer: the vehicle restriction functions by giving the player "Core Carrier Traits" for a short instant, relying on the carrier traits to have "Passenger only" vehicle usage and so forcing the player to bail out of the vehicle immediately after getting in a driver or gunner seat. This limitation means that the team-restricted vehicles won't work if you change the carrier traits to "Full use", and it also means the player may very briefly receive other traits set out for the carrier (e.g. overshields).

    Gametype options
    It's also possible to prevent the Elite team players from using certain weapons in the gametype options. Go to Specific Gametype Options to adjust this. There are a number of options:

    A) No elite weapon restrictions (aside from green team weapons on the map).

    B) Elites can't pick up shotguns

    C) Elites can't pick up shotguns or DMRs

    D) Elites can't pick up any weapons which a spartan player spawned with (i.e. no spartan loadout weapons).