Winter Contingency Loadout Gear

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  • Winter Contingency Loadoat Gear

    Winter Contingency loadout gear flowchart
    Here's the exact list of loadout gear for class ranks in Winter Contingency. The order matters, because those further down the list will overwrite everything above. E.g. an elite loadout with a plasma pistol primary and a drop shield is a match for (2) officer and (9) orange grunt, but will come out as an orange grunt because 9 is further down the list. This is same as the decreasing priority of the top row in the above invasion loadout gear flowchart.

    1. default = elite minor
    2. drop shield = orange officer
    3. jetpack = white ranger
    4. active camo OR energy sword secondary = spec ops (grey, no permanent traits camo)
    5. active camo AND plasma rifle primary = spec ops (grey, permanent non-motion sensitive camo, no AA usage)
    6. < 25% of players infected = red zealot, with Zealot Traits.
    7. plasma repeater secondary = white ultra
    8. plasma repeater secondary AND plasma rifle primary = white ultra with weak motion sensitive permanent camo, and 30 sec regenerating plasma grenade
    9. plasma pistol primary = orange grunt
    10. plasma pistol primary AND fuel rod secondary = green grunt