Forum Rules

The Anvil Forum Rules

General Rules

  1. No Spamming. This includes multiposting, crossposting, thread bumping and off-topic discussion in topic threads.

  2. Behave respectfully towards your fellow members. This precludes:
    • Insulting language
    • Flaming
    • Harrassment
    • Unconstructive criticism
    • Rating or reviewing a map without playing it
    • Trolling and other disruptive behaviour

  3. The Anvil is an apolitical community - leave your political grievances at the door. Attempting to derail discussion or engaging in political arguments with other users outside of containment threads is not allowed.

  4. Do NOT post or link to pirated property, software, or other files. Illegal activities are not tolerated here.

  5. NO doxing of other user's personal information. Will result in immediate permaban.

  6. Do NOT post or link to NSFW content. Pornographic images are strictly forbidden.

  7. NO advertising. This includes:
    • Advertising third party products or services or linking to them for advertising purposes.
    • Advertising other forums, communities or sites that could compete for our users or traffic.
    • Explicitly advertising your maps, mods or any other custom content in public areas inapporpriate for it (eg: in other users' map threads, on users' profiles, under news articles, etc)

  8. Do NOT flood the forums.

  9. Do NOT create multiple Anvil accounts. Only one account per user is permitted.

Map / Mod Posting Rules

  1. ONLY post maps or mods that are yours or that you have explicit consent from the author to post. Plagiarism is taken very seriously and will result in a ban.

  2. You must include at least one (1) image or video that clearly demonstrates your map or mod.

  3. You must include an icon image that clearly demonstrates your map or mod.

  4. Try to use compressed or embedded images. Large images files uploaded directly to the site may be removed or manually compressed by staff if they are excessive. Here's a free tool you can use.

  5. If posting a map without a direct download file or link, you must clearly include your gamertag in the project description. Not doing so will result in your map/mod being hidden or locked until fixed.

  6. Your map or mod title must consist of the map/mod name ONLY.

  7. You must include a description of your map or mod (at least 100 words) and fill out any of the required fields.

Avatar & Signature Rules

  1. Must abide by all forum rules.

  2. May not impersonate other members.

  3. Signature images must total no larger than 600 x 150 pixels.