Site Update Berb Devlog Update #4


This step took way longer than I thought
Berb Devlog 4. Back again. Since the rank update, I've been looking into the most important part of the whole site - resource posting. Being able to post maps and mods and have them display all the relevant info in a clean and intuitive way is a big deal. Nailing this is required to keep people around using the site and expand the roster of content available here.

A lot of this work has been around custom fields and how to manipulate them to display on the frontend in a much better way. It's mostly done now but there's still some fields that need to be formatted and one that needs to be added. The old version of the site used two large icons to display the game and category, which I might try bringing back. Once this is done and the map and mod submission forms are similarly improved, then the site can begin receiving map submissions.