Site Update Ranks!


So although it may not seem like much has changed in the last week - behind the scenes I've been working on one of my favourite forum features: Ranks. I'll have a bit more to share in the next update when I've fully finished them and have created a dedicated Forum Ranks help page.

Once this distraction is out of the way, the next mammoth task to tackle is the Resource View page (map view). The Xenforo community still remains stoic against my pleas to include a discussion thread automatically under the maps, but maybe if I win the lottery I can pay a dev $2000 to build a custom solution. Or learn to code PHP myself.

My aim is to have the website up and ready for maps and mods before the end of the summer.

Here's what the little rank banners look like. Title text is overlayed on top so it doesnt look blurry.

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