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It's time.
August 26th - save the date. That's when we reveal to the masses and begin the long process of exapanding and maintaining the site. I'm pretty proud of my work over the last year - even if it has been in sporadic bursts with contstant restarts. We've been through about a half dozen variations, but I think this one we've settled on is by far the best. With a ton of features and simple design, I think we're positioned nicely.

August 26th? But I'm seeing this already?

Before the full public launch, we will be bleeding in people from across the Halo community and especially from our Discord. We obviously want there to be some maps and mods already on the site when people get here and I don't finish maps nearly enough to fill that quota on my own. This also means you're basically a beta tester - so if there's bugs feel free to message me directly and they'll be remedied ASAP.

So the site's done - now what?

The next few months will be incredibly busy. Not only do we have a couple of huge site expansions in the works which you'll love, but we collectively have Halo Infinite forge to look forward to. With the improved toolset we should hopefully see some insane creations filling up our Maps section. I'm sure we'll also run some limited time contests or events surrounding Infinite forge.

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